Legacy Brand  
The company recently shifted from a single food market to a multifaceted mobile events platform and corporate food service offering. Their brand needed to reflect
this evolution while still staying relevant to existing brand loyalists while creating new meaning for its growing B2B audience. The existing solution (shown below) consisted of different iterations of the brand with a fragmented and inconsistent 
design system.
New Rebranded System
Brand Strategy, Creative Direction, Design
The solution needed to include the creation a modular brand system that held true to the playful, welcoming and bold nature of the company. The corporate identity needed to have staying power and allow multiple business offerings to expand from it. This new identity consisted of multiple geometric shapes that evoke a playful system of building blocks that speak to the collaborative spirit of Off the Grid. 
This dynamic and modular system expanded past the initial corporate mark and into multiple business offerings. By using the original building block style and color we created a systematized lock-up structure that aided in creating unique offerings while keep the brand cohesive.   ​​​​​​​
The brand extended even further into playful characters for the Markets.  ​​​​​​​
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